Stress & worry at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for many, not having people around to share it with and feeling lonely. Finances can also be a worry, having to visit people you may not wish to see and having additional demands on your time, all can contribute to low mood, stress and isolation. Here are some helpful […]

Improving relationships with better communication

couples therapy, image of a couple sitting on a couch with a counsellor.

Effective communication is essential for a healthy and thriving relationship between partners. Here are five tips to enhance communication: Active Listening: Give your partner your full attention when they are speaking. Avoid interrupting and truly listen to understand their perspective. Reflect back what you’ve heard to ensure you’ve grasped their feelings and thoughts accurately. Express […]

Waking up refreshed

wake up refreshed!

Why waking up refreshed is good for your mental well-being and helps you face your day with confidence and energy.